Friday, May 6, 2011

The story of Dustice

A long time ago, in an alien world there lived two aliens called Bic and Duldey.One day when Duldey was coming out from school, he saw that Bic was looking sad. Duldey went to him and asked ,
” Why are you sad?”
Bic said, “That boy, Dustice, threw dust all over me”.
Then all of a sudden, Bic became REALLY ANGRY! He said he had to make a plan at home. (Actually, in this particular world nobody had any parents).
At evening, they went back home to make the plan. Then Bic had a plan. He said,
“Here is my plan. You take a big broom from the school and I will take a huge dust bin. When he comes in, you sweep him into the dust bin and then put him into THE GARBAGE TRACTOR!”
Then the great day arrived! They were early. They got ready to do as the plan. Then Dustice was coming. When he was coming in, Duldey swept him into the dust bin and threw him into the garbage tractor! Then Dustice shouted out saying
"Help me!! Please take me out!!".
Bic and Duldey thought for a moment. They asked Dustice to promise them not to do such bad things to anybody again. Dustice promised them to be a good boy and that he will never harm anyone. The two friends took Dustice out of the garbage tractor and dusted him. From that day on Dustice became a good boy. Then they lived happily.