Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Pull yourself together man.... before it's too late!

All right. Raise your hands if you like to be carefree and enjoy life’s essence. I can’t see but I do hope many of you are raising your hands like, “HELL YEAH!” But what concerns and disappoints me is that there are people who leash themselves and stop themselves from living life. Restricting them by being goody two-shoes overload, and by overload, I mean stupidly overload, crazy overload. Let me give a small image on what I mean.
Imagine a life where you see many obstacles which you can pass by being you and doing it your way, but you don’t even try to overcome them and just sit there saying, “I have to endure it, it’s my karma.” or "Can't ask for too much." WHAT THE ISH ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!?! Your ‘Karma’?? Pardon moi, but if Prince Siddartha had kept saying that, we wouldn’t have Buddhism today. Too much? What sort of talk is that? Is it too much to try and overcome difficulties?! Then I guess ‘self-motivation’ and ‘self-strength’ are just there to sip coke, eat some popcorn and watch the goddamn drama. THESE TWO HAVE A REAL JOB TO DO AND YOU’VE FIRED THEM ALREADY; THEY’RE JOBLESS.
You may think (and I’m speaking to the self-restrictors) that your life is a fine adventure, a rollercoaster of ups and downs, but guess what, sweet cheeks, that rollercoaster is only going down!
Here’s the thing; actions like thinking, doing something are only for us. Let me elaborate.
Imagine that you are driving a car. You are the driver/owner of that car. (Drivers, get ready to relate.) You know its weaknesses and strengths, when and where you fixed its dents and stuff, where your car can go, at what speed, everything. Now, imagine that someone else takes the wheel. That person knows nothing about your car. What would be the plight of your car after they drove it to a speed not known to the car, to an unfamiliar place or somewhere you never wanted to go in the first place? What would happen to the car if that other guy starts doing somersaults which are not a characteristic of your car? Of course, the car would be in shambles, ruined.
Now, substitute that car to your life. Makes sense?
If you don’t get a hold of your own life and let someone else take the wheel, it’s certainly not going to be a happy life. If something happens to your car (life), you can’t sit in a corner and blame it on past actions, because that is straight up BULLSHIT! Sorry, had no other word for it.

Plus, since we are on that topic, Lord Buddha did not say that Buddhism was a cover up story for your mishaps. Like, NOT EVERYTHING HAPPENS DUE TO PAST KARMA, MAN! Karma is what you do and think, so your decisions are on the list. Get your facts right first. Nobody controls us. We are not puppets of any ‘supernatural’ thing. If there’s a thing called ‘destiny’, it’s we who make it, nobody else.

I have to be honest though; if Lord Buddha were still alive, seeing the plight of our country, the same country in which He said that Buddhism would prevail, He’d literally face-palm Himself, probably asking, “What was I thinking?”
So, the point is, unless you guide yourself without letting anyone trespass, you can never live a free life. And, like I said in my comeback post, if you don’t accept your flaws and try to cover them, the end result is going to be plain bad. No one is perfect in this world. We all have whack sides. I mean, just go look at the mirror. Ask yourself, “Do I have any flaws?” and don’t go being too big-headed and say, “No, nothing’s wrong with me. I have no flaws.” Check each and everything you do and ever did, and see, not through ‘Buddhism’ or any religion, but through a natural mind, a human’s perspective, “Have I always been right? Have my decisions turned out successful? Am I truly happy?”
Drop all work aside for a bit and pay attention to yourself for a while, bond with yourself for a while. Want to talk to yourself? Go ahead, no one is stopping you. Be your own psychologist. (Looks like I’ll be putting the psychologists out of business. LOL)
You need to be the master of your own self. Instead of uselessly listening to sermons (don’t deny it, it’s too true to be false), listen to your heartbeat for a bit. Sermons can belong to anybody, but that heartbeat is yours and only yours. That mind is yours. And, please don’t drag Buddhism into this and start saying nothing is mine, we leave all this when we die, etc., etc. We live a lay life. We can’t attain ‘Nirvana’ like that. We all have attachments in this world. We are full of ‘Tanha’, craving. Accept it. You can’t keep acting in front of people. No mask stays long. The faster you accept it, the quicker that burden is released.
Don’t let someone else take the wheel. You need to take control of your own life, because it’s you who knows it the most, it’s you who knows your quirks and mistakes. You just need to grab that wheel, hit the gas and journey to your destination through your own path.
You don’t need to be controlled by anyone else. You have the right to be you (unless you’re a criminal, which you might need to work on, if so). If you hustle harder, add a dash of determination and a sprinkle of love towards yourself with a cherry on top, your life will be the sweetest thing you’ve ever tasted.
Want an escape plan from the hell you’re living in? Ask yourself. Don’t be afraid of who you are, what you are in the society, because in the end, you’ll be the only one you can rely on.
True love and happiness begins with you and ends with you.
Again, on the count of three; 1….2….3…
Face yourself,
Forgive yourself,
Love yourself!

Saturday, January 5, 2019

BTS Burns The Stage!

Do you know K-pop? Has it annoyed you in anyway?
Well, sorry to say, I’m one of those crazy fangirls of K-pop.
Actually, my interest goes out to one particular group; BTS. Why? Well, the reasons are interesting.
Now, K-pop, in general, is music made in South Korea. And there are a whole lot of groups and soloists. These groups and soloists belong to certain agencies in the K-pop industry, with the famous ones being JYP, SM, YG, aka the big 3. Why do people like K-pop?
1.     . 1Rebellion against the status quo: Now, we, youngsters, are the type which likes to explore and gladly do, things that the previous generations haven’t and things outside the mainstream. Listening to K-pop is one of them. So, it gives a feeling of uniqueness to the young person and makes it even more special to enjoy.
2.   . 2. Group feeling: When someone says singers, usually, what’s the picture? Soloists. Yes, there are groups but what’s the majority? Exactly. But the young generation of today has a sense that people have a need of belonging and friendship, so they are more appealed by a group, with their group chemistry, more than solo artists.
3.      3. A new kind of male: Yes, Korean men look more feminine and groomed than the average man. But then, for a female living where we see the threatening masculinity of the world, these different and soft looking boys provide a refreshing change and a safe space for desirable projections (Again, don’t judge).
4.      4. Korean work ethics: I’ll say it in short; while we see western artists many times in media scandals once they reach the top, these groups keep working harder than ever, no matter what.
So now you know about K-pop in general. But BTS is the real deal. Known as ‘bulletproof boy scouts’ in Korean or ‘beyond the scene’ in English, they are the first ever K-pop group, to win the ‘top social artist’ award at the Billboards Music awards, twice in a row and collaborate with famous artists like the Chain smokers, Nicki Minaj, Desiigner and Steve Aoki. So how are they different and more successful than the others?
1.        1.Socially critical content: To be honest, most of the K-pop songs have superficial topics or no topic at all. I mean, do you remember Gangnam style? These songs, which have a good beat we can dance to, are called Bops, but those songs don’t go beyond that most of the time. Deep and questioning content was hard to find.
Then we have BTS. This is the first K-pop group to produce songs related to critical topics, where they touch difficult issues like social injustice, the pressures a young person has to deal with, etc.
Well, here’s the thing; K-pop labels like the big 3 don’t let the artists participate in any of the song-writing. They have some strict rules to follow. BIGHIT, the BTS agency, is, well, was, smaller, but they tried the method of giving the boys some creative freedom. So music was made, partly, by the members themselves, which makes them more approachable and real.
2.      2. High social media presence: All I have to say is … go on their Twitter account. I bet they post more than you do.
K-pop idols have either limited or no permission in using social media. Again, strict rules. But BTS are all over the internet, posting anything, anywhere, anytime. This way they get even closer to the fans and the fans feel more involved. In short, we create a family-like relationship among them and us ARMYs (Adorable Representative MC for Youth, the BTS fandom), and we tend to worry about their achievements and losses. (If you want to know how involved, you should check out the activities and projects we ARMYs do to promote and influence their success.)
3.      3. Hidden storyline: There are hidden storylines in almost all the BTS songs. This keeps the fans engaged in researching and creating theories about the underlying storyline and symbolism. The best part is when the storyline turns out to be related to deep philosophical ideas and world literature and folklore. Yes, they refer world literature, especially the works of Hermann Hesse, like Demian or The Ones who walk away from Omelas. This is how they use their role model position; engaging us in searching for knowledge. 
      How about I give you an example of their work? Look below. Please don’t mind the minor glitches in their voices. I mean, why don’t you try singing while dancing? Plus the first, fourth and sixth are rappers.

Oh, right, you don’t understand. Well, let me make it easy for you.
Just dance- Jhope: This little segment shows the beginning of a happiness that comes first in making friends. Like, that feeling where you want to… just dance.
Euphoria- Jungkook: (My personal favorite.) This part shows the introduction of a feeling, never felt before, a happiness never felt before, that too because of a certain someone.
Serendipity- Jimin: Recognizing the mentioned feeling as love and devoting oneself towards the other.
Love- RM (Leader): Confirming that the feeling is love and developing it.  
Singularity- V: A feeling of unfamiliarity. Feeling that one’s voice is buried and has lost oneself in another is portrayed here. The mask says it all.
Seesaw- Suga: An endless game of seesaw. Lots and lots of ups and downs in the relationship, but then one realizes that the other person had not even been on this seesaw. (Don’t worry at the stopping part. Just a glitch by the KBS channel which they apologized to.)
Epiphany- Jin: Finally it dawns. Leaving oneself to be with another only brings sadness and regret. If one, faced, accepted and loved oneself first, it would be easier. So, “I’m the one I should love in this world”
Fake love: The title itself implies. The song really means that one had to change who he/she was to please the other, but it had led to losing oneself and… you remember my story, right? That’s what this song means, that I became a fake person in order for you to accept me, who is devoted to you.
Well, I know you might be thinking that they must be high above the clouds and cocky. Hoping you don't get bored, here's a video when they received the 'Artist of the year award for the second time in a row.

(They have a habit of shouting out to us ARMYs first whenever they gain an award. Why are they like this??😭)

So there you have it. and as you can see, BTS members are very talented and stylish, humble and hard-working, they speak about topics that move hearts, they speak in a different language than English, which makes them more unique. They are constantly on social media and fast in their comebacks, which creates a strong bond between them and us ARMYs. They write some of the lyrics themselves, which creates a feeling of realness. All in all, they are amazing and fun blokes and if you don’t know them, you are missing out on a lot.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Society....hear me out!

I wanted to talk about a real topic right now.
When you hear gender equality, what comes first to mind? Equal rights for both genders and that sort. Okay, let’s say we got that. Are you sure?
Society still mocks all types; females, homosexuals included. Still the gender barrier is there, still people wrong homos, and racism? Going rampant on the streets, it is. Let me take you through the details.
1.      1. Gender barrier
Yup, it’s still there. Women are still considered weak, passive, and worse, a burden. A burden every family wants to remove through marriage to somebody. Don’t deny it. I’m sure you can see it wherever you go, not only India. Still, norms exist. Those stupid norms made by NARROW-MINDED people, I’d like to call it, still prevail. Those misconceptions nobody wants to let go of for their own greed. I ask you, what is so big a problem to not let your girl learn? And I’m talking about boyfriends who don’t let their girlfriends study, husbands preventing their wives from going to their dream jobs, families not letting their girls study because………they are girls?! They don’t NEED to study because they will eventually marry and become house-wives?!?! NAH-UH!! WOMEN ARE NOT TOOLS!!! THEY ARE HUMANS WHO HAVE THE SAME HEARTS AS ANYONE!!! I mean even I cannot believe a male teacher in my school literally said that the female gender is a cold-hearted kind, no-brainers and nothing but trouble. When people in MY SCHOOL say such things, how can I possibly think that the world has changed for the better? (By the way, school equals the society. You should know why.)
2.    2.   Homosexuality



Now this I wanted to talk about, a long time ago.
Homos are actual humans who know what love is. So what’s the problem? Oh yes, they show interest in the same gender. But how is it a problem? “It’s different from the usual way,” “It’s against God’s will,” and blah- blah- blah. Yes, they are different. So what? Okay, the very famous and amazing comedian Ellen DeGeneres is gay. Do I hear an earthquake? No. Do I see the end of the world? No. But what do I see? Many people laughing their heads off after listening to her jokes and having a great day. I’m talking out of experience.
There’s nothing bad in being gay. It’s just people don’t understand them, mock them, judge them real hard and the person ends up in suicide, most of the time. And do you know what annoys me the most? People ASSUMING that someone is gay, just by looking at their appearance.
Why do these problems occur? Because we are too busy being occupied in our own worlds and forgetting there is a bitter reality. We are so self centered that we don’t even think of understanding people. I’d say we are too lazy to even accept different people, let alone understand. So people can’t open up and ... it’s like the poem ‘I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings’:
The caged bird stands on a grave of dreams
Don’t judge people based on their gender, sexual orientation or religion and race, because, if you were in their shoes, how would you feel? No matter what happens, even they are humans, and there is a thing called ‘humanity’ which is rotting away in a corner. What do you think you should do?

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

HAPPY 2019!!!!

Another year passed. Another year came.
This year, please don’t waste your time on resolutions you know you’ll never fulfill.
Instead, be happy that you survived another year and work hard in order to make this year of 2019, a year to remember.
If you get sick, don’t think of what you can’t do. Instead think of what you can do.
Don’t blame yourself if you make a mistake. Accept it and forgive yourself because the setting sun always rises the next day.

 Don’t regret the past, focus on your present and expect a bright future.
And remember, the brighter the light is, the darker the shadow. Don’t let it bother you and be who you are and what you love.
Don’t compare yourself to anyone, see what you already have and be satisfied, because regret never got anyone anywhere.
Stay healthy, be happy, try your best, and always,
LET’S GO, 2019!!

Thursday, December 27, 2018

My annual trip to Jaffna......with hotel and other recommendations!

Hello. I’m just going to write a small record of my annual family trip which began on 23rd.

Day 1:-

It was only my parents, mother’s mother, father’s parents, aunt and Kaushalya mama. We started off at about 6:00 am. We ate breakfast halfway. The road we came along was natural beauty at its peak. Yeah, nature is quite unpredictable and its beauty can increase the next minute, but it was just as amazing. The wind, the sounds of the animals, the view, seeing and listening to that was a great feeling. As we reached Jaffna through the sea, we got a glimpse of the ever blue and amazing sea.
There were solar panels along the road, used for street lights. Why don't we see this throughout the country? This country doesn't lack sunlight. I would like to see such methods of energy management used all around.
Not to brag, but I took a really good picture. Eventually, we reached our destination, Old Park Villa,the hotel we stayed in last time. It's a really nice hotel (Holy moly, I just promoted a hotel). After a wash we headed off to the Jaffna Dutch fort.

I took another ‘masterpiece’ picture (LOL). Then after a 40 minute tour, it started raining, much to the nightmare of the adults and my euphoria. Yes, I loved it. My hair was all wet and I was soaked from sole to crown. Of course, I got scolded by my grandmother and mother. But it was worth it. Then a bath, a good dinner and downloading some more songs into my song list ended the day

You should try it. Escape the urban hubbub to the natural countryside and feel free. Hold your face to the sun and feel the fresh breeze sweep you off your feet. See and feel the grass sway and enjoy the sound of the fresh earth as it crunches beneath your feet. If it rains, try not to run towards shelter. Feel the rain drops on your face and just go crazy. That moment you spend may never come again, live it. (Wow, cheesy.)
And while you’re at it, enjoy the sunset.

Day 2:-
We left for Nagadeepa at 8:00 in the morning after a good typical Tamil breakfast. But woe behold! The line was longer than the path to hell! We didn’t want to waste 3 hours just waiting in a line under the burning sun. So we turned back. We thought of visiting the Nallur kovil but it was closed.

So we just went to the RIO ice cream shop (Did I just promote that?) and everyone except me ate ice cream. FYI, I hate ice cream. Yup, I do. Why? Neither do I know. Afterwards, we didn’t eat lunch.
Then we went to Sandilipayi. No. Before that, we went to Kadurugoda (Kandarodai) where the ancient Buddhist vihara Kadurugoda vihara is situated. (You should check it out. It’s historic.)

Then we went to Sandilipayi.
This was a small village where my father says that the person who wrote ‘When Memory Dies’, Ambalavanar Sivanandan, lived. There were certain landmarks mentioned about in that village, which my father went crazy over. Later, we went to a friend’s place, a friend of my father and uncle. We talked, went to a Tamil restaurant, ate dinner and came back to the villa. Later, we went to see the Naguleshwaram kovil and Keeramalai, where the pond, which is said to have morphed a prince and princess’s horse heads into beautiful human heads and also turned the princess pregnant in a different situation, was situated. That pond though. It was crystal clear! Like, you could see the bottom with no difficulty. And there was the North Sea.

Day 3:-
The day we came back, after a little bit more of sight-seeing. We saw King Sangiliyan's minister’s house, complete with a kitchen, a crystal clear well, and a second floor, which was only, rows of wood as we saw it.

We saw the beaches around. We came along the road to our homes after a visit to Thalai Mannar.

 I learnt that there is a regular train service up to that point from Colombo Fort.
Okay, there's a railway.There had been a ferry service to India, Dhanushkodi. Now, here's my question 🤔:
WHY CAN'T WE CREATE A TOURIST DESTINATION OUT OF IT? Like, we could renovate the jetty and have a ferry service again. Now which tourist would not like to see that? How easy would it be, travelling to India? Oh, all the benefits! I ask you, instead of making huge buildings worth many rupees for nothing, why don't we rebuild this place, for the same value maybe, for something, as in, a tourist destination?
The way back was amazing, though. For the first time, we got into traffic, of cattle. 😂

We got back home by 11:00 pm. The end.
Oh, before I forget;

(P.S.:- I know I published this later, but still, I wish you all a happy new year)

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Love Myself....!

Hi, I’m back after 3 years. I have finished my Ordinary level exams and am waiting for my results. I’m still 15, though. Yes, I reached my teens and I have to say, I had quite an adventure.
First of all, myself. I had some rough times with myself during these few years. Let’s just say, I was battling against myself. How?
Well, as I reached my teens, I began to care about how others saw me, I started to compare myself with others and ended up hating myself. I knew I was different, but I saw it in a bad way. I used to stay isolated, away from everyone, almost invisible. I was scared, “If talked the way I do, if I showed what I knew and who I am, would I be accepted as a friend?” This was a question which circled my head every day. It kind of got confirmed on a school day.
Well, I didn’t post it but I know quite a lot about mythology. Hindu and Greek, mostly. So I knew the story, Ramayana. One day at school, a friend of mine was interested in listening to the story, so she asked me, “Could you tell me the story of Ramayana?” I obliged. And I started narrating the story the way I always did. Then out of nowhere, another girl comes over after eavesdropping and asked me, “Do you believe in Ravana?” What on earth….? How was that relevant in any way to what I was doing? Well, I wanted to narrate my story in peace so I said the truth: No. Then she went and asked the teacher in the loudest voice possible, the same question. Then the others were aroused and they asked why. She just blabbed it out! Then everyone started teasing me for it. Mocked me, to be exact. Then I knew one thing and one thing only: my knowledge is worth nothing, it’s only worth being mocked at. Of course I cried. After heading home, call me crazy, I took my 365 tales of mythology book and in a second it was on the floor. Yup, I threw it on the floor in anger and frustration.
Then I started hating myself like crazy. I certainly didn’t want to see my face in the mirror because, if I did, I’d only be cursing at my reflection. “You ugly beast!” I’d shout, “You are a worthless louse! Why can’t you be as studious as ……..? Why can’t you be creative like ……….? (I’m keeping my friends anonymous, please bear with me.) Why do you even live? Now you won’t ever be accepted by anyone you twit! ...............” And I’d use at least 50 swear words on myself. I simply hated myself.
It was during this time a K-pop (Korean pop) group named BTS entered my life. 
Their songs I found to be quite relatable. So I started listening to their songs as well. (DON’T JUDGE!)

One day I found me blaming at myself because my school mates mocked me yet again and my parents blamed me for not doing my studies properly. I didn’t know when this would end. I thought I’d listen to a song and forget about it for a bit. So I went on YouTube and……… there was this song:

I thought, “Meh, I’ll just watch this.” I watched it, read the lyrics, ended up crying. Hoping that you don’t get bored, here are the lyrics (meaning):
I’m opening my eyes in the darkness
When my heartbeat sounds unfamiliar
I’m looking at you in the mirror
The fear-ridden eyes, asking the question
Loving myself might be harder
Than loving someone else
Let’s admit it
The standards I made are more strict for myself
The thick tree rings in your life
It’s part of you, it’s you
Now let’s forgive ourselves
Our lives are long, trust yourself when in a maze
When winter passes, spring always comes
From the eyes of the cold night
I try to hide myself
As I keep tossing and turning
Maybe I fell in order to take the place of those countless stars
The target of thousands of bright arrows is me alone
(*)You’ve shown me I have reasons
I should love myself (oh)
I’ll answer with my breath, my path
The me of yesterday, the me of today, the me of tomorrow
(I’m learning how to love myself)
With no exceptions, it’s all me

Maybe there’s no answer
Maybe this isn’t the answer either
It’s just that loving myself
Doesn’t require anyone else’s permission
I’m looking for myself again
But I don’t wanna die anymore
Me, who used to be sad
Me, who used to be hurt
It’ll make me more beautiful

Yes, I have that beauty
Knowing that is going
On the path to loving myself
It’s what I need the most
I’m walking for myself
It’s an action needed for me
My attitude towards myself
That’s the happiness I need for me
I’ll show you what I got
I’m not afraid because it’s me
Love myself

From the very beginning
To the very end
There’s only one answer
Why do you keep trying to hide under your mask? (hey)
Even all the scars from your mistakes make up your constellation
Inside of me
There’s still
That awkward part of me but


This got me. This was me. All the times I cursed myself, how much I hated myself flashed in front of me.
Then, another thing happened. I saw traits which……..were only mine. I love mythology. I love philosophy. I love all about time, space and the cosmos. I can sing. I can dance. I can write, and I have a whole blog to prove it! No one knows about these. Only I do.

I realized; only I know who I am, no one else. Only I understand myself. I’m different, yes, but that makes me……..unique! If others can’t accept me for who I am, it isn’t my fault. So why should I care about what they say about me? They only know a part of me.
I don’t need to wear my mask anymore. I am not afraid of myself. I know myself, and
So I have only one message to deliver:
You should face yourself,
In order to forgive yourself,
So you can love yourself.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Why Children?

They light up this world-and distribute smiles
They bring us joy- which doesn't come for miles
Because of them-We unite as one
They are none other than-our own children

As time passes-human beings
Hunt down children-for their own means
By thousands of numbers-they all vanish
And the world's light- murderers extinguish

Like a pack of wild dogs- hunting little rabbits
And tearing them apart-into little bits
Why do children - have to suffer
For our mistakes-and thoughts that differ

Save all children-save our light
Poor or rich-their smiles are bright
They are worth
tonnes of gold -and even more than that
Stop all adults- whose greed is growing fat...!