Thursday, October 1, 2015

Why Children?

They light up this world-and distribute smiles
They bring us joy- which doesn't come for miles
Because of them-We unite as one
They are none other than-our own children

As time passes-human beings
Hunt down children-for their own means
By thousands of numbers-they all vanish
And the world's light- murderers extinguish

Like a pack of wild dogs- hunting little rabbits
And tearing them apart-into little bits
Why do children - have to suffer
For our mistakes-and thoughts that differ

Save all children-save our light
Poor or rich-their smiles are bright
They are worth
tonnes of gold -and even more than that
Stop all adults- whose greed is growing fat...!


Sunday, May 10, 2015

Saving the Earth

       Earlier, man was compassionate about his environment and different animals roaming about in it. He looked at it as a paradise. But this splendor didn't continue.

       The modern man became corrupted and treated his environment as a garbage dump. The people started to chop trees continuously, sell the land where there could have been a peaceful forest, or build a factory.

       The people have a nasty habit of caging/ surrounding, or worse, killing innocent animals. Due to  hunting, some animals, like the  dodo bird, has gone extinct. It is also rare to see  elegant animals like Leopards, Cheetahs, Jaguars. These animals who belong to the cat family are also seen caged up in zoos for people to stare at, point their "digital or non- digital", "expensive" cameras at, laugh at or throw food at.

       People argue about politics, freedom etc. nowadays. But why don't they ever talk about our poor, damaged Earth and freedom for animals? Their countries are a part of nature too.

       Why don't people listen when they are told to do something? Do they only have ears for political discussions or are they too  stubborn or are they thinking that  they don't need to worry about it? You don't have to worry too much, just help  the wounded Earth to feel better and you'll  feel like a  hero inside.

Our atmosphere

       The number 350 is the most important number to Earth because the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere should be 350 parts per million. But since factories developed, their chimneys poured out clouds and clouds of dioxide that the number increased to 400 parts per million, which is not safe.

       Before, our atmosphere was  pure , so the sun's rays didn't penetrate through the atmosphere.  Only the soft rays of  heat and light came through. But after becoming dirty with carbon dioxide, the sun rays penetrate through the atmosphere, which is the cause for ultra violet rays, forest fires etc.

       When and why did they stop making green houses? they  used to keep the plants  safe, and helped to keep the air clean.

Water pollution and waste

       As mentioned previously, man treated, and still treats, the Earth as a garbage dump. Evidence and proof are water pollution.

       Sewer pipes, or our hands, throw out chemicals, food waste, garbage onto streams, rivers, lakes which makes the water dirty and fish die. The people need to know that those rivers and streams flow to..... where? TAPS IN HOMES!

       The statement "Water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to drink" is a reality. Animals have to suffer as they drink this polluted water(and no one can blame them because they can't tell the difference between polluted or non-polluted water).

       Not only polluting, people waste water too. They leave taps open sometimes, or they take a full glass of water, drink some of it and throw the rest.

       You should know that we are lucky we have water supplies. Some people  don't have  water supplies. The only ways they could get water are by going to a nearby lake , and if the water is muddy, boil it and drink or bathe, or if there isn't any lake nearby, go to the farthest river and get water.

       We need to understand the value of water.

Are you green-fingered (or not)?

Is THIS the future adults want us to have? Is THIS going to be the result of our loving mother  nature?

"The four letter word, KILL, destroy it!
The eleven  letter word, DE-FORESTATE, forget it!
The four letter word, CARE, nurture it!
The seven letter word, PROTECT, DO IT!"
       Instead of  sitting in a corner, trembling and wishing that this would be over, you should say, "I'd better do something about it!" and help the already damaged Earth.
       Instead of de-forestation, RE-FORESTATE. Instead of polluting, CLEAN. Instead of killing, CARE. Instead of damaging, NURSE the  Earth.
Getting yourself called a "green-fingered person" is better than being called a "polluter"

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

New Year at My Mother's Office

Today I went to my mother's office (Coordinating Secretariat for Science Technology and Innovation - COSTI) with her, as it is still school holidays for me.

At 10.00 a.m., my mother, other officers and I sat down in a room where a table stood, flourishing with food. Milk rice, Pani Walalu, Kavum, and many more. Two cakes, one strawberry the other chocolate. An oil lamp was set at the edge of the table, decorated with betel leaves and a wax candle kept on the side. Once every single seat was occupied, Professor Ajith de Alwis, Project Director of COSTI, stood up to convey a message to the others about their procedure. Then he asked Professor Sirimali Fernando, CEO of COSTI,  also to encourage the others by a few words. After that, he invited some of the officers and me to light the oil lamp. After it was lit, he asked us to help ourselves with the food. 

So, everyone helped themselves as he asked to. Some, including me, went for a second helping, until we were stuffed. And later we did help ourselves to orange juice and iced coffee.

After our appetite was fulfilled, Professor Ajith de Alwis stood up once more for the rest of the speech, and what a speech it was!

Well, he droned on and on about their progress being successful and that a few years ago, people had been laughing at them. The other officers commented, asked questions, gave away new ideas and made it more interesting. To me, it was more like a meeting, not a feast as they said. (Well, it did look like as if food was prepared to motivate people to go in and then, like mice caught in a trap, they started discussing).

Then he winded up the whole meeting after mentioning some important points and letting them have a second feast, in which all of them started to wrap the food saying "for my child", or "for my husband", or "for my parents", etc.

What a period between 10 O'clock in the morning and 12 O'clock in the noon!

Friday, April 17, 2015

It's a nut-job world

It's a world of nutty people around
Whose heads go spinning round and round
What they do is fight, from day to night
It's a nut-job world after all

Hysterics and fools go flying across
When all the people are making a fuss
Not a person is left who doesn't do a theft
It's a nut-job world after all

Children, do not do the same
For, those who followed, danger came
We should just share and care, at the same time beware
It's a nut-job world after all