Friday, November 20, 2009


There were a beautiful maiden called Shakunthala, and a king called Dushyantha. He put a ring in her finger and on that was his name. A Sage called Durwasa cursed Shakunthala. When Shakunthala was crossing a river, her wedding ring fell into the river. A fish swallowed the ring.

The king did not recognise her. Sadly she left the palace and went back to the forest. She had a son called Bharata.

At the king's palace, a fisherman brought a fish. He saw a ring inside the fish. He brought it straight to Dushyantha the king. When the king saw the ring with his name on it, the curse was broken and the king remembered Shakunthala.

Again the king went hunting in the forest. He saw a boy playing with a lion cub. The king went up to the boy and asked him about his parents. The boy said he was the son of king Dushyantha and Shakunthala. The king was proud to find Shakunthala and asked the boy to take him to his mother. The king took Shakunthala and Bharata with him.

Bharata grew up to become a great king.

Erandathie - 21/11/2009

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Rabbit and the Tortoise

There was a happy tortoise who was walking through the woods.
Soon a rabbit came hopping towards the tortoise.
He said "let's have a race here!"
"Okay"said the tortoise.
With a laugh, the rabbit ran fast. The Tortoise was left far behind.
At that moment, the rabbit felt sleepy.
The rabbit was sleeping.
Finally, the tortoise passed the sleeping rabbit.
He was at the finishing line.
The rabbit lost, the tortoise won the race.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Moon and the Rabbit

Today I was looking at the moon on our terrace with my family.
The white moon looked beautiful.
I saw something un-white on the white moon.
It was a rabbit with a fluffy tail and long ears.
I don't know, how can a rabbit-picture come on the moon?