Thursday, October 1, 2015

Why Children?

They light up this world-and distribute smiles
They bring us joy- which doesn't come for miles
Because of them-We unite as one
They are none other than-our own children

As time passes-human beings
Hunt down children-for their own means
By thousands of numbers-they all vanish
And the world's light- murderers extinguish

Like a pack of wild dogs- hunting little rabbits
And tearing them apart-into little bits
Why do children - have to suffer
For our mistakes-and thoughts that differ

Save all children-save our light
Poor or rich-their smiles are bright
They are worth
tonnes of gold -and even more than that
Stop all adults- whose greed is growing fat...!


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M T K Gunasekare said...

Little Darling, This is really wonderful!

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