Friday, February 10, 2012

The Bear Family

Once upon a time there were four bears. The first bear's name was John. The second bear was Rosie. The third was George and the fourth was Suzy. They all lived in a happy family. They had a beautiful house.

One day, when Suzy was playing with her brother, she heard a gun shooting at something. It was a hunter trying to kill an animal. The bears were afraid of hunters. Just then she heard the hunter shout "Darn it!" because he missed the target.

"George, the hunter will find us. We should warn our parents", Suzy said to her brother. So, both of them ran inside the house and told their parents "Mother, Father, there is a hunter in the forest. If he finds us, he will kill us all!". Then their mother went to warn all the bears and other animals. So everyone hid in their homes and closed all the doors.

John said to Rosie " Rosie, what shall we do now? We are trapped!"
"Yes, he will call the other hunters and search the whole jungle", said Rosie.
"But we're bears Mom. We're not like other bears. My friends are really strong like me. We'll teach him a lesson", said George. Then he called his friends and told the whole story. His friends loved punching hunters.

Now everyone was on their guard.

The hunter came with more hunters with guns and traps. The bears recognized that the hunter was the famous hunter called Alexander Otis. Alexander was scared of nothing. But George's friends weren't scared of him. They so much wanted to beat him, but they never got the chance before. Now that Alexander was coming, they were really excited.

"Come on! Let's punch those hunters", said one of George's friends.
"We'll catch some bears first", they heard Alexander say. All the bears were angry of what he said. So the bear army was ready to attack the hunters. Suddenly Alexander saw that the whole forest looked deserted. But he noticed a bear in the distance.
It was George! He shouted "attack!" and a swarm of bears ran and pounced on the hunters. They did not kill the hunters but defeated them. The hunters ran for their lives and Alexander shouted "Hell with you bears. I'll get you next time".

The End.


Makulu @makuluwa said...

wow what a story.., hey you know what..? I visit this blog for first time.., & i;m telling you this story you wrote is very nice. I must show this to my little daughter.
Good Luck..!
keep up the good work Erandathie


iRehana said...

you wrote it so nicely..! well done..! write more..!

දුකා said...

Wow . . What a Nice Story.

It is really nice and touching story.

“They did not kill the hunters but defeated them”

I like that part very much.

I think the reason is because you don’t like anyone to die.

Though he is a hunter, you try to expose that teach him a good lesson for not to do hunting anymore. I am correct?

Keep up your good work dhoni . .

Good luck . .

Uncle Subhash

PS: Since I am not good in English, I apologize if you find any mistake dhoni.

එරන්දතී said...

@ Dear Makulu Uncle / Aunty: Thank you. I didn't think that anyone would like my story. :)

@ iRehana Aunty: Thank you for your nice comment.

@ Dear Uncle Subhash: You are correct! I hate anyone dying. Thank you for the comment. Who says that you are not good in English? :D

Hermitian said...

"They did not kill the hunters but defeated them."

I like this line very much.

I hope reading more...very interesting.

jagath said...

wow!!! It is a great story indeed. so proud of you. write more. write stories in sinhala as well....


පුංචි කුමාරිහාමි said...

Very nice story doo..wish you all the best..

Rupika said...

Excellent piece of work duwa !! Keep up the good work !

Loku amma

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